Archived Announcements

June 24th, 2022

A Message from Pastor

Brothers and Sisters in Christ! Today Roe v. Wade was overturned at the Supreme Court. This does not outlaw abortion, but returns the issue to the states to decide individually whether abortion will be legal or illegal. 

This is an amazing step in protecting millions of lives that cannot speak for themselves. As Christians, we are called to care for life in all of its stages, from the time of our conception in the womb to our very last breath on this earth. The task is not yet over to defend the unborn, it just takes on a new phase. 

As Christians, we care for the lives of the children in the womb, for the mothers of unwanted or unexpected pregnancies, and for the fathers of these children. All have a place in God’s kingdom. 

It is as important now as it ever is to show grace to those in need of it. God’s forgiveness is for all people, even those on the other side of the abortion issue. Even those who have so tragically taken the life of their child, whether they were coerced or otherwise. We pray for their repentance and salvation. We pray for the millions of babies whose lives have already been lost and for those that will sadly continue to be lost. 

This Supreme Court decision will be met undoubtedly with anger and even hurt by many. As Christians, we show compassion and love to these even while still unwaveringly advocating for the lives of each and every unborn and born child. 

I hope you will join me now, and in the future in donating to a local pregnancy resource center. These centers have always needed our help, and will continue to need it, possibly even more so now that Roe v. Wade is overturned. These centers care for everyone involved with the pregnancy, both during and after the pregnancy. They work toward ensuring a bright future for the child, the mother, and the father, giving away newborn supplies, offering parenting classes, and the like. Ministries like this continue to shatter the notion that we only care for babies when they are in the womb, with no thought for them or their mother when they have been born. 

Show the love of Jesus today and every day. Show it to those that are hurting. Show it to those in need. Show it to the vulnerable. Show it to those we might even consider our enemies. And we thank our God for the lives that will be preserved by today’s decision. The Lord’s Peace be with you. The Lord’s Mercy be upon all of us.